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MyDesign lets YOU be the designer for your Bags or Jewellery Packaging, so you can develop the right look and styling that best represents your store or brand. We understand that having the perfect package is just as important as what goes inside. With MyDesign you can select colours, change colours, add your logo or other images and create a unique packaging presentation that helps build the identity you desire for your business.



Bags - 3,000 per style

Boxes - 2,500 per stlye, assorted sizes


To start – click on : Design a Box” for Jewellery Packaging or “Design a Bag” for any style of bag you need. In a few simple steps, you will see your packaging design come to life and from there it is an easy step to get a quote and we then produce your order!


Gunther Mele have been packaging experts for over 151 years – so get started now with MyDesign and create your fabulous new packaging identity today!


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